Over the last two years, GAHSO has partnered with State and non-state organizations and institutions in advocating and promoting support programs for quality healthcare services including SRHR education in Homa-Bay, Siaya Kisumu and Migori counties.
In addition, GAHSO has been one of the leading champions for human rights protection, equality and inclusion particularly for the socially and economically disadvantaged groups in the society.
Besides working with the local communities in the eight sub-counties in Homa-Bay County, GAHSO seeks to expand its operations to other parts of Kenya.


Identification of a need in the society.
This forms the first step to us identifying which projects to take on and merit based on the urgency of need.

Coordination with the relavant organisations & stakeholders.
Putting together the project team ready for the execution.
Identification of sources of funding.

Marketing team come up with strategy on how the initiatives are to be marketed to ensure maximum reception and benefit of the society.

Creative campaigns to ensure that the initiatives created are sustainable and are adapted by the benefiting community such that they continue it’s implementation long after the project is over.