Gigi Louisa

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With thirteen years working in the field of Human rights, Gender and Sexuality Kenya, East Africa and Africa on various levels and with various partners, allies, duty bearers, policymakers, funders etc. Gigi is an expert on cross-sectional and specific matters concerning gender and sexuality, health, human rights, advocacy, coalition and movement building. Louisa has over the years positively contribute to addressing issues related to discrimination, unlawful imprisonment, security and safety, sexual and gender based violence, access to specific information and health services, and advocacy strategies at National, regional and international mechanisms and platforms. Her ability to understand the negative impact of exclusions, she can identify the capacity gaps, engage with partners, allies and relevant duty bearers to address types of systemic intolerance towards women, girls and other minority groups such as the LGBTIQ community.
Gigi has an experience in security planning, response and management, research, national, regional and international advocacy, capacity building, organization and movement building, program development management, media engagement, fundraising and resource mobilization and working with refugees and asylum seekers. In addition, Gigi is a demonstrated leader who continues to, through a feministic lens; use her expertise through capacity strengthening programs and initiatives such as workshops, trainings, public speaking and customized panels and mentorship initiatives etc. Her skills and experience in working on topics based on gender, sexuality, research, security and policy advocacy at national and regional level continue to be visible in her work as a human rights defender.
As one of the vocal voices and frontline activists in the Kenyan human rights movement, she continues to advocate for equality, inclusion, access to fair justice, non-discrimination and climate change.
Gigi Louisa is an Alumni of Human Rights Advocacy Program at the Columbia University, New York; Sexuality and Leadership Fellowship, Lagos; CREA-SGRI Capalbio, Italy and and EAHRP-EQUITAS.

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